2018 POPUP Sparkling Wine

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Modern and immediate. This evolution of bubbles. POPUP says YES to purity. YES to integrity. YES to flavor. Single vineyard, noble varietal, POPUP smells of honeysuckle, orange blossom, lilac with peach, lemon curd and pie crust. Smooth, long and delicious. POPUP for the moment and the moment is now! - Charles

POPUP is the first chapter of my new wine story. It’s a story of innovation by an American winemaker...a fresh, contemporary, of-the-moment take on one of the world’s most celebrated traditions…wine with bubbles.

In paying homage to the Old World in this New World project, I’m using Chardonnay, the noble varietal of Burgundy and Champagne, and techniques from the greatest sparkling wine regions in the world. Washington State is my home and I stick to my origins in winemaking. Single-vineyard, single-varietal, sustainably farmed and native fermented. Pure, and always, 100% Washington State.

Up until this moment, my mission has been HONESTY and COMMUNICATION. And now I add a new chapter of ART and TRADITION. Yes, I’ve embraced color. No more just black and white for me, Mom. From the throwback crown cap that reminds you of the familiar, to the actionable pop art label that suggests what you’ll find within. Delicious, exciting and infinitely pleasant to drink. POPUP is The New Pop Culture.  - Charles

The vineyards we work with are farmed using the most up to date sustainable practices.

Evergreen Vineyard, Ancient Lakes (100%): Planted in 1998 by Jerry Milbrandt, the vineyard lies along a stretch of steep cliffs above the Columbia River, in the Ancient Lakes. A cooler site due to river influence, the soils are composed of fragmented basalt, gravel, silt, and caliche deposited during ice age floods. As with all of Milbrandt’s vineyards, Evergreen is farmed using sustainable practices. This site produces fruit with sublime mineral character and great acidity, a balance that winemakers adore.

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