Alipus Mezcal Destilado en Barro San Miguel

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Alipús is a series made from contracted mezcales, purchased and marketed by the Danzantes group in Oaxaca, and imported into California by Craft Distillers. Each label corresponds to a specific village where the producer is located. All of them are made entirely from Espadin agave (with the exception of the San Andres that has a smidge of something else thrown in during fermentation). The point is to show the geographical differences that terroir, fermentation, and water ultimately play in the flavor of each spirit. 

The Alipús line is named for the villages in which they are distilled. Alipus Destilado en Barro is a very special Mezcal.  It is a small batch, rare variety that uses clay pot distillation and the rare Arroqueno agave.  There are three different mezcaleros who make this Mezcal, and the sticker on the neck of the bottle will tell you which mezcalero made that specific bottle. There are three possibilities for the mezcalero: Tio Leonardo (made by Leonardo Rojas), Tio Jesus (made by Jesus Rios), or Tio Felix (made by Felix Garcia). All three of them make their Mezcal in a similar fashion and all of the agave that is used displays a similar terrior as it is grown on a remote country hillside. This Mezcal is distilled in clay pots, which gives the Mezcal a very unique mouth feel in comparison to copper distillation.

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