Alipus Mezcal Ensamble San Andres

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Alipús is a series made from contracted mezcales, purchased and marketed by the Danzantes group in Oaxaca, and imported into California by Craft Distillers. Each label corresponds to a specific village where the producer is located. All of them are made entirely from Espadin agave (with the exception of the San Andres that has a smidge of something else thrown in during fermentation). The point is to show the geographical differences that terroir, fermentation, and water ultimately play in the flavor of each spirit. 

The Alipús line is named for the villages in which they are distilled. San Andres Ensamble comes from the same distiller who does the standard Alipus San Andres. 

The San Andrés Ensamble is a distinctive successor to the regular San Andrés. This one mixes in 20% of local bicuishe which adds flavor while highlighting everything in the espadin. It is incredibly minerally balanced by a honeyed sweetness. The minerality verges on briny with flavors like Maldon salt.
For an incredible learning and tasting experience taste the Ensamble  side-by-side with the 100% espadín San Andrés. The flavor continuity is clear with the 100% espadín displaying more robust fruit and sublimated minerality. The Ensamble really highlights that minerality. The result is a bright, floral, and richly-textured mezcal with mild smoke and more pure agave flavor.

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