Amaro Sfumato Rabarbaro

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Sfumato Rabarbaro translates to "smoky rhubarb". Instead of using a neutral base, the Cappelletti family of Trentino-Alto uses a special variety of rhubarb root that's combined with alpine herbs and berries. This rhubarb based bitter amaro exhibits a deft balance of bright and earthy, smoky flavors as the name suggests. The Cappelletti's have been producing their Sfumato for nearly a century with the unique Chinese rhubarb, grown in Trentino as a base for flavors that include candied orange peels, celery salt, flint, pickled herbs, green strawberries and raspberry preserves. The entry is rich and fruity the cleans up nicely on the mid-palate on its way to a dry, bitter, long finish.

Try it on its own as a digestivo to end a hearty meal or get creative with some of your favorite cocktails. 

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3 Reviews

J Nick Powell Jul 23rd 2019

Amaro Sfumato Rabararo

This amaro combines a smoky bitterness with a sweet aftertaste that makes it a great addition either alone or in a mixed cocktail.

Sam G. Jun 13th 2019

Smoky, Bitter, Sweet

This is a fantastically well-balanced amaro, with a lovely bright bitterness, a nice dose of sweetness, and its unique smokiness. The smoke is not a burning one like that of a Scotch, but rather a very full-bodied, smooth smokiness that will remind you of a campfire (in a good way). This amaro is perfect on ice with seltzer, since it is a bit syrupy sweet on its own. One of my favorites!

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