ArteNOM Selección de 1414 Tequila Reposado

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Destileria El Ranchito has been owned by Feliciano Vivanco since the post-revolutionary period of 1919-1929. They hold 2,000 acres of estate grown agave and distill everything in traditional pot stills. Their fermentation process is what makes them very unique - their yeast and their climate creates a bready banana nut aroma and flavor. This is an incredibly understated reposado that absolutely with a unique and mild-mannered profile. Nutty, bready, with cinnamon bursts and spicy cloves on the palate. One of a kind, and very, very good.

Very pale in color – only slightly darker than the typical blanco. Naturally, it is 100% agave, in this case Blue Weber. It has a rich and appealing aroma of agave, both vegetal and sweet. Seleccion 1414 Reposado has a lot of different flavor components that are working together in balance, which makes it both complex and delicious. It has a medium-long finish, not too hot or spicy. Only at the end does it kick in with a little something extra to remind you that you’re drinking a real tequila. But it never beats you over the head. This is subtle, rather than bold. Overall, Selección ArteNOM Reposado is sophisticated and rich, highly recommended for both sipping and mixing.


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1 Review

Ellen Q. Feb 19th 2018

Smooth Sipping Tequila

This is my new go-to tequila for sipping straight up. Would not waste this quality on a mixed drink. Very smooth without the alcohol bite; nutty flavors. 1414 Reposado was the top choice at a Tequila Tasting that we had recently... it was a new brand for our friends. Excellent choice!

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