Barrell Craft Spirits 10 Year Old Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey Batch# 20

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Appearance: Burnt sienna with bronze highlights.

Nose: An inviting aroma of mulled cider with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg opens the proceedings. The impression of early-autumn is strengthened by aromas of cherry pie, purple plums, funnel cakes and a mug of chamomile tea with orange blossom honey. With time, delicate notes of honeydew melon, meyer lemon, cuban mint and apple blossom float from the glass.

Palate: Very rich, almost buttery, but balanced by an unexpectedly tropical, juicy side. The opening takes its cue from the nose, exhibiting pound cake and apple jelly, before an cascade of fruits rush in: pineapple, passion fruit, mirabelle plums, gooseberries, lime cordial and guava paste. Flavors of Chartreuse and sweet vermouth lend breadth and the whole is kept in check by little graphite minerality.

Finish: The tropical and herbaceous themes remain but the more delicate floral and mineral notes shine as the whiskey fades, with flavors meadowsweet and tonic water lingering at the end.

With a few drops of spring water

A mezcal-like, steely minerality provides tension while a note of roast duck with cranberry offers yet another layer of flavor. The aroma grows at once creamy with lemon donut and coconut cream, but also jammy with blackberry, lychee and rose jam.

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