Baumard Quarts de Chaume 1967

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Critical Acclaim

Wine Spectator - 93

Satiny golden liquid, the Quart de Chaume is sweet, well-balanced and ample. It develops a mellow fruit complexity, with honey and spicy aromas. It even offers a slight bitter touch of its own - a remarkable aging wine.
The Quarts de Chaume vineyard is entirely situated in the Rochefort sur Loire district. The Quarts de Chaume fame is very old, since in the Middle Ages, the lord reserved himself the right to keep "One quarter of the crop which would come from the hillside facing South", in vineries around the village of Chaume. Since the 15th century, all the authors have consistently listed the Quarts de Chaume among the best wines in Anjou and France. And on August 10th, 1954, the National Institute for Origin Appellations officially acknowledged the appellation " Quarts de Chaume", AOC (Controlled Origin Appellation), not to be confused with the "Coteaux du Layon Chaume", which refers to the remaining quarters, not chosen by the lord.


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