Bedrock Wine Co. Old Hill Ranch Heritage Red Blend 2018

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Per Morgan: Yikes, I cannot believe we are actually releasing this wine!  Few vineyards are so closely associated with my childhood as Old Hill Ranch—I remember picking blackberries while my father sampled the vineyard in the 80s.  I remember hanging around in the cellar, hearing the reverence with which my dad talked about this place and its 1880s-planted vines.  What is amazing is that under the careful oversight of our friend Will Bucklin, the vineyard has only gotten healthier as it has aged.  The vineyard lies just .85 miles north of the ancient vines at Bedrock Vineyard, planted on soils derived from the next alluvial fan north.  Though the soils are a similar iron-tinged red, there is less cobble at Old Hill.  Here, over 30 different varieties are field-blended, though Old Hill is unique in that the second most planted grape here is Grenache—a variety of which we have two vines at Bedrock and none at Pagani or Monte Rosso.  In addition, there is small cabal of extremely rare Savoie varieties—Mollard, Etraire de la Dui and Persan—along with a spotted grape that has no matching genetic fingerprint. What surprises me most about the 2018 though is that over all of the power lies an alluring murmur of ethereal violet and pepper-tinged perfume—something that I would associate more with the Alps than a vineyard planted in the heart of Sonoma Valley.  This is one of my favorite wines we have ever made, and thanks to the relatively generous 2018 vintage, there will hopefully be enough to go around. 

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