Braida Brachetto d'Acqui 2020

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If Moscato is the sweet white wine of Piedmont, Brachetto is the red equivalent. Lovely for so many different occasions, and a definite possible ingredient for a creative cocktail. This is a wine to enjoy with desserts, and perfect with chocolate; it is elegant, extremely pleasant, fresh and fragrant, with fresh fruit and Bulgarian rose aromas. Perfect for accompanying chocolate desserts, pastries, puddings, strawberries, fruits of the forest, and dried fruit.



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2 Reviews

Lori Jan 22nd 2021

Brachetto d’Acqui - BEST in Taste 2021

Mild flavor, Beautiful color, Bursting with happiness... it’s my “feel good” wine. Best served with desserts, girlfriends and jazz. The description is spot-on. If you like Moscato ; this is even better. ENJOY!!!

Andrew Yoder Jul 13th 2020

Hands down,best wine I've ever had. Easy to drink and bursting with flavor. The description is spot on! Discovered it through a friend of a friend that traveled to Italy.

If you like Moscato you've got to try this!

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