CLOSEOUT Division Wine Co. "Un" Pinot Noir 2018

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Johan Vineyards - Van Duzer (25%), Eola Springs Vineyard - Eola Amity Hills (20%)
Cassin Vineyard - Yamhill Carlton AVA (18%), Bjornson Vineyard - Eola Amity Hills
AVA (15%), Armstrong Vineyard - Ribbon Ridge, (10%), Redford Wetle Vineyard - Eola
Amity Hills AVA (15%) & Temperance Hill Vineyard - Eola Amity Hills AVA (3%)
Willamette Valley AVA
The Willamette Valley is a perfect match for Pinot Noir, a variety that seems to
show its best on the fringes of suitable grape farming area. The 2018 vintage
turned out to be a truly stellar year for making wines. After a long dry and hot
stretch in July and early August, the heat broke at just the right time when
veraison was occurring and the temperatures were mild during the day and
cool at night, with just the right amount of rain to keep the vines hydrated, all
the way through harvest, from mid-September to early October.
As in years past, we approach the Division Pinot Noir “Un” cuvee, our only
Division Pinot Noir featuring multiple vineyard sites, as our opportunity to
make a vintage character cuvée in our lighter, finesse driven style that is
designed to perform well above its price point. Our vineyard roster in 2018
experienced just a few notable changes, most notably with the growing
presence of the Biodynamically farmed Johan Vineyards and the introduction
of our young, but hugely promising vines from Cassin Vineyard in the
Yamhill-Carlton AVA. All but one of our vineyards included in the “Un” cuvee
is organically, LIVE Certified and/or Biodynamically farmed. Our oldest vines,
the Eola Springs Vineyard, has transitioned to Biodynamic and organic principled
farming (save for phylloxera treatment in the old vines).
All lots were fermented either spontaneously or via a pied de cuve. We utilized varying techniques,
including whole cluster fermentation in some of the Cassin, Bjornson, Eola-Springs and Armstrong
ferments and an all whole cluster semi-carbonic fermentation with one each of the Johan and Cassin
ferments – as to provide more spice, nuance and nerve in the wine. Our significant experience
working with minimal manipulation techniques, including gentle foot pigeage for many of the ferments
in the cellar truly shines through in this wine. We aged the wine in mostly French oak and a small
amount of Austrian Oak, approximately 15% in new barrels and puncheons, for 9 months before being
racked to concrete tanks for about one month before bottling. This was a new step for us with this
vintage as we’ve testing the idea out for a few years as a method to help coalesce the wine more
before it’s bottled. We made only two very small sulfite additions during the Spring and again just
before bottling.
Our 2018 Pinot Noir “Un” gives generous huckleberry fruit on the nose andpalate, matching the darker
fruit flavors with brambliness and acidity. Heaps of wet slate, allspice, and a sweet praline nuttiness
round out the wine for a savory finish that somehow manages to be dense and airy. For a base level
Pinot Noir, it packs serious punch and complexity – this is not a wine to be missed!

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