Connemara Irish Whiskey 12 Year

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Then this small distillery opened up, staunchly independent, and starts doing things unheard of in Ireland. Instead of making traditional Irish whiskey (triple-distilled, non-smoky, and with a pot still whiskey component), they started making very scotch-like whiskey (double distilled, single malt, and sometimes very smoky). Nearly twenty years later, Cooly is still making Irish whiskey, and they’re still doing it their way. They won the 2010 Malt Advocate Distillery of the Year (beating out all the Scottish and American ones!!). The Connemara 12 year is a smoky, Islay-styled malt that holds up to any of its Scottish neighbors. The Connemara whiskies are some of the most exciting we've tasted in some time and we can't wait until you do the same!

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