Customized Thanksgiving 'Riserva' 12-Pack

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12 'higher end' bottles of Thanksgiving friendly wines hand picked and customized for your liking.

Want to make it real easy on yourself? 
Let the experts put together the perfect Thanksgiving lineup for you.
When placing an order, add some details in the note section about what wines you like drinking and we will customize your package based on your liking.

*Please be sure to write in the note section what your preferences are* 





Thanksgiving Dinner Pairing Guide


Everyone loves bubbles, why not start the show with a nice Aperitif? Champagne is classically hailed as a great “welcome drink” and sets the mood for a fun, bubbly evening. There is no shame in drinking some ‘bubs’ all night. Drink small glasses in between courses to cleanse your palate (and soul). Sparkling wines commonly have a charming acid level that is great for cutting through heavy meats and gravies… as well as family tension.

Looking for some sparkle without the Champagne budget? There are many options outside of the Champagne region that offer quality at a fraction of the price. Saint Hilare Brut, for instance, is the oldest sparkling wine producer in France.

Pinot Noir:

A Thanksgiving dinner no-brainer! A notorious food friendly wine, Pinot Noir couples perfectly with both white and dark meat. These wines are light to medium-bodied with medium acid and tannins. Notes of cherry, cranberry, cola and mushrooms add an elevated roundness to the Thanksgiving flavors as a whole. Pinot also pairs well alongside “simply seasoned” sides like mashed potatoes and creamy casserole dishes.

Dubbed “sex in a glass” by Master Sommelier Madeline Triffon, a few of these bad boys will certainly have you feeling a little more attractive after eating your body weight in turkey and stuffing.

Our favorites are found in Burgundy, France and Willamette Valley Oregon. However, considerable Pinot Noirs are made all over the world including Italy (Pinot Nero), California, New Zealand and more.


When we think Zin, we normally think BBQ. Toss the saucy ribs and pitmaster aside...grab some dark meat turkey for this one. These wines are medium to full-bodied and bold with brilliant aromas of blackberries, pink peppercorn and pipe tobacco. We treasure Zinfandel because of its exotic spice and expressive red and black fruit profiles. Speaking of fruit, let’s toss the weak canned cranberry sauce too… have a glass of Zinfandel to round out your meal.

Thinking California? We do too. However, check out a Primativo from Italy- It’s the same grape! Regarded as “California’s grape”, it is not indigenous to California or Italy… but rather Croatia.


Skip the Nouveau and head straight for the good stuff. Made using the Gamay grape and a method called Carbonic Maceration, these wines are light bodied with low tannins and medium fruit. They are a remarkable pairing for salads, wild rice and squash. It may even make Aunt Karen’s sweet potato pie more tolerable. Drink enough Bojo and it may even make her more tolerable.

Although “Beaujolaisians” are the pioneers of Carbonic Maceration and the primary growers of Gamay, both illustrations can be found around the world. Particularly, funky young winemakers from Oregon and California.

Be sure to set your alarms for 12:01 on the 3rd Thursday in November if you’d like to try the “fresh off the presses” Beaujolais Nouveau. Nouveau (new) is an uber young wine, bottled just weeks before release and drank as a celebratory wine ringing in this year's harvest. With candied notes of banana, bubble gum and freeze-dried strawberries... Promptly spit this baby wine out at 12:03am and drink a Cru Beaujolais.

Bojo Pro tip: Throw a light chill on it.

Rhone Blends:

Another prominent food friendly wine, Cote du Rhone blends appeal to the pickiest of winos and give you a considerable amount of wine for the buck. They are perfect for entertaining the large, SOCIALLY DISTANCED, family. Drink these wines with smoked dark meat turkey or with alternative proteins like duck, lamb or… oxtail? They have bright fruit characteristics, and are grippy with a peppery finish… we are never mad about caramelized root veggies like carrots, beets and parsnips and a GSM blend.

Grenache is the king of the vineyards in the Rhone with the Chateauneuf-du-Pape appellation being the most exclusive. Respected as the “gateway drug” to French wine, bring a CDP bottle to sway your future father-in-law. Just don’t let him drink it yet, these bottles are as age worthy as he is.


Growing boys need their vegetables! These bright, fresh and flinty Sauvignon Blancs go great with asparagus, brussel sprout and even the dreaded green bean casserole. Sancerre, being acid-driven, is a great wine to pour for pescatarian or vegetarian Thanksgiving guests. Serve these beauties up with Trout, Salmon, Verts, Salads or... Tofurkey?

Just like with most grapes, Sauvignon Blanc is grown all over the world using many types of vinification techniques. Most commonly grown in France, California and New Zealand… all of these regions show us very different expressions of this grape (a cat peeing on a gooseberry bush?).

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