Don Amado Mezcal Reposado

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Don Amado Reposado steps away from tradition and embraces international techniques. This mezcal begins using very traditional means. Agave grown in volcanic soil in the town of Minero, roasted in underground pits, and distilled in small clay-stills. It is then aged in American oak casks that previously held Pedro Domecq brandy.

Its aromas and tastes are very familiar Mexican flavors: roasted corn slathered in butter, hints of vanilla and cinnamon, tropical fruit like dragon fruit (known in Mexico as “pitayas”), and dried chilies with a moderate amount of smoke. The flavors of the wood overwhelm and smother many of the more delicate agave notes and replaces them with spicier and more vanilla-driven notes. Perhaps the reposado would be best shown to those who are acquainted with brown spirits but it could be surprising for those used to drinking unaged spirits.

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