Dr Hermann Riesling 2021

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Crushed slate and mineral notes lend elegance to decadent yellow cherry and pineapple notes on this juicy semi-sweet Riesling. Ripe and lush yet brisk with acidity, it's an approachable, irresistible and squarely balanced wine.

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2 Reviews

Shannon Renfrow Oct 13th 2020

Great Wine for any meal

I purchased Dr. Hermann Reisling Wine to try and match another wine I had tried at a restaurant. I honestly was more impressed with the crisp semi sweet flavor. This is a great addition to any meal. Will purchase again!!

Shannon Sep 5th 2020

Dr. Hermann Reisling

I had a bottle of the Mr. Hermann Reisling 2016 and it was great. Nit to sweet and not to dry. I could only find the 2017 and this bottle was a little different. Taste was Not like the 2016 bottle. Not bad, but definitely different in taste, more sour then fruity. Hope to locate the 2016 bottle for future purchases.

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