Dumante Liqueur

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Expected release date is Jan 1st 2019

Dumante Verdenoce is handcrafted in select small batches in Italy with a slowly steeped genuine Sicilian pistachio infusion, natural craft ingredients and flavors, and fine Italian artisan spirits.

Enjoy Dumante Verdenoce neat, on the rocks or mixed with other fine spirits and ingredients giving ultra premium Italian flair to craft cocktails such as our iconic, Sicilian Manhattan. The unique pistachio infusion and other flavors such as Madagascar Vanilla make it ideal for pairing with a wide variety of spirits and artisan ingredients.

Dumante Verdenoce was also designed with the culinary arts in mind as a unique ingredient in appetizers, main dishes and, of course, spectacular desserts. Dumante Verdenoce has been welcomed by chefs and other culinary professionals who have never, until now, had a pistachio liqueur to include in their recipes.

And to close any great meal or event, experience Dumante Verdenoce with coffee or espresso for an Italian coffee celebration!

Presented in a unique art-glass decanter, Dumante Verdenoce is a magnificent expression of contemporary style and Italian artisan craftsmanship.

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Expected release date is Jan 1st 2019
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3 Reviews

Bonnie Sep 7th 2018

Dumante Pistachio Liquor

Delicious--especially frozen! A real treat and delivery with Drink Dispatch was great. No glitches. It was a gift and arrived right on time as promised.

Melissa Apr 9th 2018

Dumante Liqueur

The Dumante Pistachio Liqueur is wonderful - just a hint of pistachio flavor, very smooth, very nice for sipping chilled or over ice.

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