Elisir Novasalus Digestif Vino Amaro

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This digestivo from Trento's Cappelletti family is for people who welcome the bite of French Roast coffee, authentic Tonic water, and the bitterest Double IPA beer. Requiring the skills and attention of an Erboristeria (master of botanicals) over the course of six months, Elisir Novasalus is a tonic of alpine plants from Alto-Adige steeped in dry Marsala and flavored with a special tree sap from Sicily. If you are at all averse to bitter compounds, then Elisir Novasalus is not for you. 16.5% ABV.

Intensely aromatic, this amaro from Capelletti infuses herbs, macerated flowers, and roots into wine and adds a touch of sweetness from tree sap. The bitterness and complex flavors linger long after your first sip. Drink after a meal. Serve cool.

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