Few Spirits Breakfast Gin

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The nose has a hint of fresh bread background to which coriander, lavender and black tea emerge. A hint of menthol tinged hops and barley beneath it. It definitely has a nose reminiscent of other gins in the Few Spirits Portfolio, but perhaps a bit lighter on some of the genever-like grain notes. Still there, but it seems more subdued than some of their earlier offerings.

The palate explodes with rich, powerful, heady notes of Earl Grey Tea, including a hefty dose of bergamot oil and strong brewed black tea. Mid-palate, some of the signature Few creaminess emerges, with lemon, cinnamon and juniper coming through; suggestions of creme anglaise with vanilla bean paste. The finish has a lot of dryness, that when accompanied by black tea notes, calls to mind unsweetened black tea with a hint of baking spice. Medium long, quite dry finish.

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