Hayman's Royal Dock Gin

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A navy-strength gin from Hayman's, the ancestor of Beefeater's founder, James Burrough, bottled at the old UK 100 proof (57% ABV) where gunpowder would still ignite even if wetted with the spirit.

Perfectly classic styled nose which hits all the expected marks. Lots of crisp pine-accented juniper, with hints of angelica, coriander and citrus zest. The citrus notes are particularly what stand out for me and what sets it apart.
The palate has a lovely, thick, creamy mouth feel. Zesty orange peel and dried lemon accompany a heady, unabiding juniper dominated mid-palate. Classic, straight-forward pine note accented juniper. The finish is where an intriguing subtlety almost changes the entire profile. A gentle dash of floral, violet, sweet orange.
The finish is exceptionally long, generally citrus and juniper forward, with bitter orange and pine enduring and fading slowly, receding with a pleasant but omnipresent heat.

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1 Review

Justin McElhaney Dec 9th 2019

Great Quality and Very smooth

Lovely gin that is super smooth whether drinking straight or mixed with club soda. 57.5% alcohol certainly gives you bang for your buck and honestly my favorite current gin out of everything out there.

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