Meet Simon!

Greetings and salutations, my friends! I’m Simon, the bearded, tattooed, dapper guy (when I’m not packaging orders) on the Drink Dispatch team. I specialize in “old world” wine, particularly fine wines from Italy and France as well as some of the more rare and wondrous wines this gorgeous world has to offer.

My career in wine started just like everyone else’s, it just kind of happened. In 2008, I was offered a job as a server at a wine bar my friend owned. I went in with very little knowledge of wine, beer or cocktails. That, ladies and gentlemen, is where my obsession with wine began. I started tasting different wines from different producers, countries, regions... you name it. Why does this Pinot Noir from Sonoma taste different from this one from Burgundy? My goodness this one from New Zealand is f****ng great!

Fast forward through the years... I’ve worked in pretty much every aspect of the wine world. From wine bars to retail... from importing/exporting to distribution. I’ve even curated and assisted in few brokering deals. Recently, I’ve been helping develop wine lists for several area restaurants. Long story short, I LOVE this life.

I’m recently back from a one year hiatus from the Drink Dispatch team and dammit!... I’m happy to be back! Alex, Aerin and Megan are the best of the best when it comes to all things wine and we’re excited to be back together again. Over the last year I’ve picked up some new tricks that I’m excited to share with my beloved team, as well as everyone we come in touch with. Exciting stuff!