Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon

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Johnny Drum Private Stock has a fantastic nose with caramel, cinnamon, marzipan, and light oak spice. The entry is exquisite with a mouth feel that’s full and round. From the get-go Johnny Drum has a tremendous amount of flavor with strong caramel, peanut, and cinnamon. The flavor integration in Johnny Drum is really quite extraordinary, with the cinnamon notes literally wrapped in the caramel notes. It’s a level of complexity and flavor that few whiskeys in this class can match. In the midpalate Johnny Drum does an inversion where the spicy notes become more predominant and the sweet caramel becomes more of an undertone. In addition to cinnamon we get allspice, clove, and oak. The finish is long, spicy, and slightly dry with a lot of flavor and wonderful balance. Although Johnny Drum is 50.5% alcohol/ 101 proof, you’d never guess it, as it’s eminently drinkable neat without ever being too fiery or strong.

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1 Review

Jeremy Dolby Feb 28th 2017

An easy 5-star rating!

I've enjoyed many bourbons over the years and have a pretty diverse selection at home but this one might be the best I've ever had. Strange since I had never heard of it but when a local liquor store rep recommended it I bought a bottle and shared it with my neighbor. Halfway through that first glass I bought 4 more on DrinkDispatch! Worth every penny and a very interesting addition to any liquor cabinet. Strong cinnamon-like warm flavor. Johnny Drum is an unknown gem!

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