Mezcalero #16 Mezcal

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Single-batch artisan mezcal based on wild/semi-wild agaves. The brand was conceived by Craft Distillers and developed in collaboration with Destileria Los Danzantes. Craft-method distillation. Most of the best mezcal distillers produce tiny batches. The only way to keep this wonderful process going is by making it more widely available.

Mezcalero No. 16 was made with semi-wild agave Madre-Cuishe, and it was distilled by Don Valente Angel in Santa Maria Pila. The Madre-Cuishe has high acidity, and therefore creates great structure and clarity of flavor in the Mezcal. This is another beautifully distilled Mezcal from Don Valente Angel. There are notes of softly roasted agave, subtle fruit, and minerality that meet a lively herbaceousness. The liquid coats the mouth. This Mezcal has a vegetal foundation and hints of soft smoke. The flavors are deep and lingering.

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