North Shore Distiller's Gin No. 6 Modern Dry Gin

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Unlike any other gin on the market, Distiller‰Ûªs Gin No. 6 has a nuanced, complex aroma and flavor, with balanced juniper, citrus, spice and floral notes, with a long, smooth finish
No. 6 has won a wide range of awards and significant critical acclaim ‰ÛÒ here are a few of our favorites mentions:
‰ÛÏClear with a platinum cast. Vibrant aromas of fresh herbs and spices, piney juniper, and twisted lemon peels jump from the glass. A silky entry leads to a fruity-yet-dry medium-full body of bold cracked juniper berry, pink peppercorns, lemon curd, clove, and pastry frosting flavors. Finishes with a long interplay of resiny juniper, sweet citrus and brown spices. A superb gin that virtually bristles with fresh, 3-D flavors. Very impressive!‰Û ‰ÛÒ Beverage Testing Institute, awarding 95 points/Exceptional Rating, the highest score ever given to an American-made gin
‰ÛÏOf course, juniper is the dominant flavor, but it quickly gives way to a cascade of subtle flavors that make No. 6 the jewel of a refined martini, yet also very pleasing neat‰Û ‰ÛÒ Chicago Tribune
‰ÛÏA modern-style gin ‰Û_ smooth and refined‰Û ‰ÛÒ New York Times
‰ÛÏThis unique gin kept surprising my palate with each sip, ending with a beautifully developed peppery finish‰Û ‰ÛÒ Hal Wolin, a NYC-based bartender, on his blog A Muddled Thought
Production Notes

We hand prepare a range of herbs and botanicals for each batch of gin, including juniper berries (of course), hand-grated fresh lemon peel, rich spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and delicate floral accents
We infuse the botanicals into our base spirit for varying lengths of time depending on their particular characteristics, and then distill them through Ethel the Still using a slow, meticulous process that enables us to create fresh, bright flavors
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