Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette Liqueur


Rothman & Winter's Crème De Violette Liqueur is one of the great mixing agents now available. All you need is a little gin and a lemon, and you've got a delicious and sophisticated cocktail. Elegant in its simplicity, this authentic alpine liqueur captures the fragrance, vibrant colors, and taste of the native wildflowers found in the Alps - the Queen Charlotte and March violets. Use it in classic cocktails such as the Blue Moon or Aviation, or enjoy as an ingredient in continental cuisine. This is probably the most commonly encountered violet liqueur you’ll find, not just because the bottle is classy but because it is made only from violet petals and sugar, so you won’t find any fruit overtones here as you do with Creme Yvette.

Brilliant purple in color. Intensely floral on the nose, with overtones of pine needles and funky dried potpourri. Gently sweet on the body, with some hospital overtones, driven perhaps by the underlying spirit, but overall it’s quite gentle but again, more focused on dried florals than fresh ones. 


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17 Reviews

Lee McAllister Jul 16th 2020

Bringing Back a Classic Cocktail

I searched for this liqueur for a long time, knowing it was exactly the necessary key ingredient to the Aviation cocktail. The wait was worth it. This liqueur is everything that makes a drink so special, the violet notes just teasing the senses. It is irresistible once you make it (and drink it). Destined to be one of my favorite cocktails moving forward. I made it with Aviation Gin and Sipsmith London Dry...both amazing and both slightly different, but the constant of the Rothman and Winter Creme de Violette steals the show. Will be ordering more as gifts. And then some. Thank you Drink Dispatch, my go-to source from now on!

Rich Jun 24th 2020

Great quality and a necessity for Aviation cocktails

Love the intense aromas and flavors of Rothman and Winter liqueurs. Their blends are top notch and this one does not disappoint. Strong, sweet floral aroma and flavor...a little bit goes a long way.

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