St. Roch Amaro Aosta

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St. Roch Amaro is obtained by the maceration of a precise selection of Aosta Alpine herbs. This beautiful and delightful Amaro arrives with a distinctive and balanced profile, clean aromatic floral notes, and is ready for service right out of the box!

Raw Material : Hand-picked wild selection of 40 wild Alpine herbs and roots

Type: Bitter Liqueur

Production area: Aosta Valley

Production Method: Hydro-alcoholic infusion of medicinal plant extracts, dedicated to Aosta, the small town in the Alps where our story begins

Optics:  Cola

Nose:  Cola, spice, sweet herbs

Palate:  Pleasantly aromatic and intensely flavorful

Pairings:  Digestivo, cigars, cool mountain air

Service stem:  Tulip-shaped stem distillate glass – 11.4 cl.  Diam. 58 mm

Alcohol: 36% alc./vol. - 72 Proof

Contents: 750 ml

Production: 4,000 Bottles

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