St. Roch Genepy Blanc

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This famous Aosta spirit is produced by laying Artemisia umbelliformis, better known as Genepi femmina plants (a wormwood variant) on mesh suspended over alcohol in an airtight tank for 3 months. The organoleptic qualities of the plant are pulled by the alcoholic vapors into the solution, imparting no pigment and maintaining a crystalline, colorless liqueur.  Aromatic and delicate with scents of crisp Alpine air, high altitude plants and summit herbs. Perfect for a delicious and smooth digestivo.

Plant: Génépy (Artemisia umbelliformis Lam)

Type: Liqueur

Production area: Aosta Valley

Altitude Plants SLM: 1.700 mt.

Production Method: Suspension of Artemisia plants on alcohol for 3 months in a watertight tank, through the vapours only the organoleptic part passes to the alcoholic solution, maintaining the liqueur crystalline.

Optics:  Crystalline

Nose:  Fine, scent of Alpine air and fragrance of aromatic plants of high altitude

Palate:  Pleasantly aromatic and delicate

Pairings:  As digestivo or contemplation

Service stem:  Tulip-shaped stem distillate glass – 11.4 cl.  Diam. 58 mm

Alcohol: 38% alc./vol. - 76 Proof

Contents: 750 ml

Production: 6,6000 Bottles

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