Meet Aerin

Whatʼs up, guys! Iʼm Aerin, a wine drinking, hip hop lovinʼ artist and part-time comedian (just kidding). However, you can expect me to make a lot of cheesy jokes! In fact, one of the only things I take seriously, is my studies in wine. If the conversation isnʼt about wine, Iʼm bored-eaux!!

Wine has been a part of my life long before I could legally drink it (shhh). My mother takes credit for my love of the juice claiming to have breastfed me while drinking it. Donʼt worry guys, I turned out just fine.

My journey in wine studies started when someone told me they could not see me being a sommelier. I thought... “Well, shit! Now I have to do it”. Thatʼs when I started studying viticulture and viniculture and getting “bit by the wine bug”. I became quite obsessed right away!

Join me on my journey learning about wine regions, soil types, climates, varietals, blind tasting and much more! Letʼs learn together, drink all the winez and not take anything too serious! Cheers!