Meet Megan!

Hello, There! I'm Megan... the totally over the top, ditsy, wine and cheese lovin', housewife from Kirkwood, Missouri. I spend most of my days managing the chaos of our household, being a personal chauffeur to two little divas and working my butt off to teach our new puppy not to poop in the house. Sounds glamourous, right? I love every second of this crazy life! No matter how chaotic it gets, I like to sprinkle a little sparkle and pizzazz everywhere I go!

Some of you may know me as "Aerin's ditsy, blonde sister". You can certainly call me that. The truth is we are vastly different - from the way we look, talk and think. However, one thing we do have in common is our love for a good time. That, my friend, is how we started bonding over a nice glass of wine. Aerin is more “wine-technical” and often inappropriate… I go off what make my taste buds happy and hardly say a cuss word. But, hey it works! We drink the best dang wines and always have a great time doing so. That is why we are collaborating to share our experiences with you!

I am beyond excited to be joining The Drink Dispatch team. I will be spending my time helping showcase new and exciting products, sales, and events through different marketing and social media channels. We have some exciting new things coming up. Tune in regularly to stay up to date with us!