Who is DrinkDispatch, and what does it do?

“Do you think if we wore T-Rex costumes to the tasting, they’d take us seriously?”

When buying your booze from DrinkDispatch, do you ever think “Who’s picking this shit out?” “Who’s packaging and shipping my booze?” “Is DD a child sweatshop?” “Why the hell is my wine, made in Sonoma, being shipped out of Missouri, back to me 30 miles from Sonoma?”

(We are not a child sweat shop. Although, we do all act like children and Aerin looks like one)

We (The Vino Gallery/DrinkDispatch.com) are a small bottle shop, tasting bar and lounge located in St. Louis, Missouri. Operating as thin as the skin of the Pinot Noir grape, there are just 3 people running the gallery and online business:

Alex- owner, grumpy.

Aerin- perfect in every way. (She’s definitely not writing this)

Simon- knowledgeable, raunchy.... extra.

Leah- sweet, not yet tainted, nicer than all of us... combined.  

We collectively taste, hand pick, and ship out all the booze you’d find on our interwebs.

Working closely with winemakers and distributors is damn important to us! Why? They get us drunk as hell, of course! Just kidding (kind of). In reality, they give us the resources to taste everything before we deem it drinkable enough to offer to you. We’re picky as hell in what we put up on the site and wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t drink ourselves!

Our goal is to provide you with quality products and kick ass customer service, while competitively pricing against other products found online. We aim to achieve this goal, as a company, by constantly learning about new wines and spirits. We familiarize ourselves with the “latest and greatest” while keeping a close eye on the trends to bring you the best booze in the whole wine world!

We have a lot of fun here at the gallery, all while working (kinda) hard and drinking all the wine! We’re not the most professional, but we’re ourselves and that’s part of the charm!


-Alex, Matt, & Aeirn

(Ps. If anyone has extra T-Rex costumes laying around, our address is on the shipping label)