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Barolo Chinato is an antique Piemontese digestive which uses Barolo wine as the base, and is then blended with local herbs and botanicals. Vajra's recipe includes an infusion of 30 locally sourced herbs, barks and plant roots, including China (Chinchona Calisaya), hence the name Chinato. Also added to the infusion is organically farmed Sicilian orange peel, spices and pure cane sugar. Most Chinati have a secret recipe and Vajra's is no exception, but the herbal sensations and the essence of the Barolo allow the drinker to be immersed in the heritage of the distinctly Alpine digestive drink.

Cloves, cinnamon and other spices are dominant on the nose and palate. Their version is mildly sweet and has a slightly bitter edge to it. The flavour is incredibly long.

Used as a digestivo or as an ingredient in a high-end cocktail, it is only mildly sweet with a distinct bitter edge on the palate.



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