Villa M Bianco Moscato N.V.

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Every sip expresses all the flavors and aromas of fresh grapes. Its alcohol content is very low, 5%. Its residual sugar is totally derived from grapes. Its great freshness completes the work of nature and man with a perfect counterpoint

Villa M Bianco matches easy to fresh fruit. For example, it is perfect with strawberries. Excellent with a wide range of desserts, but also intriguing with sweet or savory snacks. Very special with Fois Gras.

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4 Reviews

Guinevere Jun 18th 2020

Villa M Bianco

I've never been a fan of white wines, but this one is delicious

Randall Grizzle Jan 17th 2020

Villa M Bianco

Good product, we could not find it in our local stores. Was able to find it at Drink Dispatch in Saint Louis. Our first shipment met an untimely demise when it wasin the hands of the shipper. We had a quick refund, and turned around and reordered again..Our shipment arrived in a timely manner, and we are pleased with it. Mr. G .

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