Villa M Bianco Moscato N.V.

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Every sip expresses all the flavors and aromas of fresh grapes. Its alcohol content is very low, 5%. Its residual sugar is totally derived from grapes. Its great freshness completes the work of nature and man with a perfect counterpoint

Villa M Bianco matches easy to fresh fruit. For example, it is perfect with strawberries. Excellent with a wide range of desserts, but also intriguing with sweet or savory snacks. Very special with Fois Gras.

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5 Reviews

Mady Jul 20th 2021


Definitely a very nice and smooth wine. I treat it as my "treat" wine and I love it very much.

Guinevere Jun 18th 2020

Villa M Bianco

I've never been a fan of white wines, but this one is delicious

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